Leadership Camps

Stonewall Leadership Challenge:
This intensive four hour course is designed specifically for teams or groups
looking to be challenged both physically and mentally. Our professional
staff will take your group through a series of challenges throughout the
day while putting each participant in a leadership position.
Participants will learn valuable communication, teamwork, and problem
solving techniques that will them achieve future success.

Stonewall Boot Camp:
This is the only sport specific camp of its kind. This high intensity sport
specific camp will feature the discipline, structure and accelerated
expectations of all participants from the minute they arrive until they
are officially dismissed after four days. Participants will be pushed
both physically and mentally throughout the entire camp while following
the typical daily regiment of a cadet. Representatives of the Air Force,
Army, Navy and Marines ROTC will be on staff.

Stonewall Corporate Competition:
Looking for a unique way to unify your team or group? There is no better way to
bring a group together than with competition. This event is
specifically designed to meet the goals of your function and will
feature games and challenges tailored specifically to your group.